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Many Board-certified Plastic Surgeons work with Charitable Foundations to perform Reconstructive and/or Cosmetic Surgery for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lips  and palates. These Plastic Surgeons also perform scar revision for burns or operate to improve any physical damages or deformities that are congenital or are caused by accidents or violence. 

InterFACE, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Foundation, The Smile Train, Operation Smile and Face-To-Face are well known charitable foundations for Plastic Reconstructive and/or Cosmetic Surgery for children. 

Book YOUR surgery using PLASTIC SURGEONS.TV® and we’ll donate up to 15% of the cost of your procedure to the Medical Charity of YOUR choice.  It's just one more great reason to use PLASTIC SURGEONS.TV® Let's make a difference.


Surgeon Spotlight: BRENT MOELLEKEN, M.D., F.A.C.S.


Dr. Brent Moelleken is a Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, California. Double board certified, Dr. Moelleken received his training at Harvard University, Yale University, UCSF and UCLA. Dr. Moelleken is one of three specialty-trained surgeons in the world to complete the year-long Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at UCLA. He maintains the prestigious F.A.C.S. degree and is a member of the ASPS and ASAPS.

Dr. Moelleken has innovated various procedures including LiveFill®, autologous fat-fascial grafts; the USIC® & LUSIC® cheeklifts, short incision cheeklifts; the 360 Facelift®, a comprehensive natural appearing facelift procedure; and the Hybrid Tummy Tuck®, a short incision tummy tuck for fit moms. He believes in publishing the results of his innovations in peer-reviewed journals. Results of Dr. Moelleken’s studies have been published in books, articles and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal; have been presented at various international meetings

He has been selected by Marquis’ Who’s Who in America’s Top Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles, LA Magazine’s “Top Doctors in Los Angeles”, and is on numerous Top Doctors Lists including Vogue Magazine’s “Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in America”. He has appeared on numerous local and national television segments including Extreme Makeover, as a featured member of the the “Extreme Team”; CNN, Extra, BBC, Oprah, E! Entertainment, Discovery Health Channel, MTV, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and numerous local television programs and many print venues including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, People Magazine (2 cover stories), and numerous national and international print stories. He is frequently featured in European and Asian television segments including programs in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and numerous Spanish speaking channels in South and Central America.

Practice Contact Information



120 South Spalding Drive  #110 

Beverly Hills, CA 90212 

Telephone: (310) 273-1001


601 East Arrellaga Street #103 

Santa Barbara, CA 93103 

Telephone: (805) 898-9299


FEATURED VIDEO: Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

The Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation Surgery (TUBA) by George T. Boris, M.D., FACS of Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Boris explains in detail how this intricate and scar-less surgery is performed as he performs it. Filmed by Kyle Marchand for PSTV® in Los Angeles, CA [24 mins, 17 secs]


Otoplasty (Ear Surgery): Creating a More Natural Appearance

David L. Cangello, M.D., FACS

performs an Otoplasty on an 8 year old boy with prominent ears.  

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape or position of the ear while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. 

David L. Cangello, M.D., FACS

New York, NY

Telephone: (212) 571-5200 

Website: cangelloplasticsurgery.com

Mentoplasty (Chin Implant Surgery): Perfect Proportion

A simple Chin Implant procedure can do wonders for the face, bringing it into perfect proportion. Many times patients think they don't like other features of their face and don't realize it might be their chin that is out of proportion.  Watch as Dr. Karan Dhir performs a chin implant surgery with  amazing results.

Karan Dhir, M.D.

Beverly Hills, CA

Telephone: (310) 579-2051 

Website: drdhir.com 

Blepharoplasty (Eye Surgery): Restoring a Youthful Appearance

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery involves the removal of excess skin and fat and is designed to restore a more youthful appearance to your eyes. Blepharoplasties may include the upper lids, the lower lids or both. In this video, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon Michael Kelly, M.D., FACS shows us how it is done.

Michael Kelly, M.D., FACS

Miami, FL

Telephone: (305) 595-2969

Website: miamiplasticsurgery.com


Rhinoplasty: Deviated Septum

A Deviated Septum can make it extremely hard to breathe causing much discomfort. Watch as Dr. Karan Dhir performs Rhinoplasty on a patient suffering from this debilitating condition. 

Karan Dhir, M.D.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Telephone: (310) 579-2051 

Website: drdhir.com

Revision Rhinoplasty

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Karan Dhir, M.D. corrects issues that began with a broken nose.  Here, Dr. Dhir addresses and corrects another surgeon's original results. 

Karan Dhir, M.D.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Telephone:  (310) 579.2051  

Website: drdhir.com 


Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Specialist Donald B. Yoo, M.D. takes you inside the operating room during a Rhinoplasty procedure to provide a glimpse into his approach to this popular plastic surgery. 

Donald B. Yoo, M.D.

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Telephone: (310) 275-2467

Website: donyoomd.com


High-Definition Abdomen Liposuction

Dennis Dass, M.D., FACS  performs High-Definition Abdomen Liposuction 

Among the Board-certified Plastic Surgeons who practice exclusively in Beverly Hills California, Dr. Dennis Dass delivers excellent results. In this video, watch Dr. Dass perform an expert High-Definition Liposuction on the Abdomen to remove a significant amount of fat. By the end of this surgery, much of the Patient's fat has been removed and there is essentially no unwanted fat left on the abdomen. 


8929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 420 

Beverly Hills, CA 90211 

Telephone: (855) 496-4646 

New Upload in progress... stay tuned!

Plastic Surgeons Internet Medical Group

We're busy uploading new videos daily, so come back soon to see a brand new Plastic Surgery Video.  Is there a particular procedure that you are interested in learning more about or are you already considering surgery? Contact us to let us know which operation YOU would like to see on PLASTIC SURGEONS.TV®


Brazilian Butt Lift Consult with Dr. Dennis Dass

Brazilian Butt Lift consult with Dr. Dennis Dass

Dr. Dennis Dass, a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, CA is an expert in Brazilian Butt Lift. In this video, Dr. Dass consults with a patient about this procedure. 

8929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 420
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Telephone: (855) 496-4646

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery using BodyJet Liposuction

In this video, Dr. William Bruno, a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, performs a Brazilian buttock lift-fat transfer to the buttock using the BodyJet liposuction system. 


9201 Sunset Blvd. #707

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Telephone: (310) 461-3855

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We're busy uploading new videos daily so come back soon to see a brand new Plastic Surgery Video.  Is there a particular procedure that you are interested in learning more about or are you already considering surgery? Contact us to let us know which operation YOU would like to see on PLASTIC SURGEONS.TV®

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